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John Denver 1943-1997
John Denver has been, and always will be, my favorite singer/songwriter. I was first introduced to his music in the 2nd grade. Our music class was learning a number of songs for a school presentation, including John's "Sunshine on my Shoulders". That is still my favorite song. I was fortunate to be able to attend two of his concerts, in 1994 and 1996, before his tragic death in 1997.

He had a number of huge hits in the '70s including "Country Roads", "Leaving on a Jet Plane", "Fly Away", "Annie's Song", and "Rocky Mountain High". He was actively involved in environmental protection and started the Windstar Foundation.

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high

If I had a day that I could give you
I'd give to you a day just like today
If I had a song that I could sing for you
I'd sing a song to make you feel this way

If I had a tale that I could tell you
I'd tell a tale sure to make you smile
If I had a wish that I could wish for you
I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while

(c) 1971 Cherry Lane Music
Rocky Mountain High

He was born in the summer of his 27th year
Coming home to a place he'd never been before
He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
You might say he found a key for every door

When he first came to the mountains his life was far away
On the road and hanging by a song
But the string's already broken and he doesn't really care
It keeps changing fast and it doesn't last for long

But the Colorado Rocky Mountain high
I've seen it raining fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby
Rocky Mountain High

He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below
He saw everything as far as you can see ...

(c) 1972 Cherry Lane Music
Poems, Prayers and Promises

I have to say it now
It's been a good life all in all
I'ts really fine to have a chance to hang around
And lie there by the fire
And watch the evening tire
And talk of poems and prayers and promises
And things that we believe in
How sweet it is to love someone
How right it is to care ...

(c) 1971 Cherry Lane Music
Aspen Glow

See the sunlight through the pine
Taste the warm of winter wine
Dream of softly falling snow
Winter skol
Aspen Glow

As the winter days unfold
Hearts grow warmer with the cold
Peace of mind is all you know
Winter skol
Aspen Glow ....

(c) 1970 Cherry Lane Music
This Old Guitar

This old guitar taught me to sing a love song
It showed me how to laugh and how to cry
It introduced me to some friends of mine
It brightened up some days
It helped me make it through some nights
What a friend to have on a cold and lonely night ...
(c) Cherry Lane Music
Around and Around (c) Cherry Lane Music

Time as I've known it doesn't take much time to pass by me
Minutes into days, turn into months, turn into years
They hurry by me

Still I love to see the sun go down
and the world go around

Dreams full of promises
Hopes for the future, I've had many
Dreams I can't remember now, Hopes that I've forgotten
Faded memories...

I love to see the morning as it steals across the sky
I love to remember and I love to wonder why
And I hope that I'm around so I can be there when I die ... When I'm gone

I hope that you will think of me
In moments when you're happy and you're smiling
That the thoughts will comfort you on cold and cloudy days
If you are crying

That you'll love to see the sun go down and the world go around ...
and around ... and around