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  Favorite John Denver Song Votes
Take Me Home Country Roads 5
Poems, Prayers, and Promises 4
For You 2
Sunshine On My Shoulders 2
The Wings That Fly Us Home 2
This Old Guitar 2
Annie's Song 1
Back Home Again 1
Calypso 1
Eagles and Horses 1
Leaving on a Jet Plane 1
My Sweet Lady 1
Perhaps Love 1
Rocky Mountain High 1
Thank God I'm a Country Boy 1
The Gift You Are 1
Like A Sad Song 1
What One Man Can Do 1
Whispering Jesse 1
Wild Flowers In A Mason Jar 1
Total Votes: 31

Fuquico Nakamoto from Brasil, Aug 1, 2003

Favorite Song: Like a sad song


Roberta from Virginia, May 20, 2003

Favorite Song: Take Me Home Country Roads

The first time I heard this song I was on my way to Kentucky, newly married, young and naive, to visit his family. It was to grandparent's home in the mountains of Kentucky and I was scared to death and wanted nothing more than to be back in the mountains of Virginia. Country roads, take me home ... Always a favorite since I was young, when he first started his career, the loss of his music and his ideas and visions is a loss to us all. His music is pure and from his heart and his beliefs, his life ...our lives. I am sure he is still singing, we just canít hear it yet.

Carol from New Jersey, Jan 23, 2003

Favorite Song: Poems, Prayers, and Promises

I just loved this song as I was growing up. Listened to it all the time. Give me Hope for this world. Now playing all Johnís Songs for my grandchildren. Miss hearing all he had to offer.

Karen Woodrow from Queensland, Australia, Oct 30, 2001

Favorite Song: Annie's Song

My husband and I courted to the music of John Denver. We attended every concert he had in Brisbane and never failed to enjoy them. He was the most gentle performer. It was ironic that his death was on Oct 12. My husband and I got engaged that day in 1975. Our children now enjoy Johnís music and play our LPís. I think their love of his music came as a result of us playing his records when I was pregnant. John we miss you and your music and your caring spirit.

Theresa Workman from Coshocton, Ohio, Oct 12, 2001

Favorite Song: Back Home Again

Well, it's now October 12th, and the anniversary of John's passing is upon us. I can't believe it's been four years. I wonder what he's thinking about the terrorist attacks. I'm sure he's crying along with us. I'm sure he's as angry with the ones responsible. Let's remember John with the song Perhaps Love, and maybe, someway, somehow, we can find peace on this earth. John, we miss you and need you more now than ever. Be present in spirit for us, and show us the way. Hopefully, through God and John, we will survive! God bless America and God bless John!

Mac from West Virginia, Mar 24, 2001

Favorite Song: Take Me Home County Roads

Karen from Pennsylvania, Jan 17, 2001

Favorite Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane

John Denver was the greatest singer-songwriter that ever lived. His song leaving on a jet plane and many others had helped me through rough times. When my fiancť at the time was leaving for marine boot camp. Leaving on a jet plane had hit the nail right on the head.

Daniela from Italy, Oct 13, 2000

Favorite Song: Rocky Mountain High

I wonít forget John Denver... His sweet songs his tender music the sound of his guitar and his magic voice. Iím so sorry Iíve never seen him on one of his concerts... Iím happy for I have known this wonderful singer

Rhonda from Missouri, Oct 6, 2000

Favorite Song: Rocky Mountain High

It is still unbearable for me to fathom the world without John Denver. He touched my soul with his music as he did so many people. In the early 70's I became very interested in Colorado because of John Denver. The irony of it all is that later in life I found I had brothers and sisters there that I never knew about before. But we found each other and our love grew. I attribute the void I had in my life for so long to John Denver. My heritage is American Indian and I am sure that John Denver's spirit is soaring over us still.... On the wing of the eagle. He had the heart of an American Indian. I thank the Great Spirit for JOHN DENVER. I am grateful for the fact that I was touched so deeply by this great man with such a warm heart and tender spirit.

Cherri from New York, Jun 19, 2000

Favorite Song: The Gift You Are

My son was married on Saturday June 17th. The song we chose to dance to was The Gift You Are From Annie's Song CD. The words are so beautiful and so appropriate for a Wedding. I don't know why more people don't listen to the words of his songs more carefully. They are so meaningful and full of love. Well I don't have to tell you that I broke down crying and so did my son and the entire room of guests including the photographer. The members of the band told me they were going to learn the song and suggest it to other couples as a song to play for the dance that a mother or father can dance to with the bride or groom. I'm really pleased as I feel it says so much about the love a parent feels for their child. Just thought I'd pass this on. Thank You.

Dana from Carnation, WA, Jan 22, 2000

Favorite Song: What One Man Can Do

I have attended several John Denver concerts. One time his concert was sold out. Fortunately another concert was added. The band wasnít contracted for extra shows so we had a gloriously personal experience of a concert with John alone. He told us that ďWhat One Man Can DoĒ was written for and about a swami friend of his. This man had just died and between these two Washington concerts John had flown to the East Coast and attended the manís funeral performing the song there. We had such a close and personal performance by John - we felt very connected. As I read mementos of John and see the tremendous impact he and his music have had on so many peopleís lives I have to feel that this song also epitomizes John himself. He was working to do what one man can do.

Pud Joseph from Crookston, Minnesota, Dec 25, 1999

Favorite Song: Poems, Prayers, and Promises

I was introduced to Johnís music through my parents. The fist time I heard his music I was hooked. The last time I saw John in concert was at we-fest in Detroit Lakes Minn. He was his same down to earth style up on stage with all his heart filled wisdom he put into his songs and music. I listen to his songs everyday and picture in my mind John singing those songs up on stage.

Cass Youngdale from Pennsylvania, Dec 23, 1999

Favorite Song: The Wings that Fly Us Home

Iíd like to vote for Wings that Fly Us Home. I canít listen to it anymore without getting a tear in my eye.

Rob Yates from England, Dec 12, 1999

Favorite Song: Take Me Home Country Roads

I have visited Colorado with my family quite a few times. John Denver's music is so wonderful to listen to during the drive through the Rockies. It makes you realize why he loved it so much. I have one question if possible could you tell me where John Denver's grave is as me and my family could visit on our next visit to Colorado. Thank you.

Rob Yates.

Michelle Medew from Victoria Australia, Oct 13, 1999

Favorite Song: Poems Prayers and Promises

I have grown up on JDís music... I remember I was 7 years old and my mum and dad were going to JDís first Australian concert and I wanted to go but my parents said I was too young. Well I cried and cried all night.

Now I am 32 and I am so lucky to say that I have been to 2 John Denver concerts. I still cry. I love his music and not a day goes by that I donít play his music and remember the wonderful man he was.

My dad passed away last year and we played JDís rocky mountain high. My dad was a very big fan of JDís as all my family were. Well done to all who have done tributes to JD. We will never forgetÖ

I know The Sunshine on My Shoulders Is My Dad and JDÖ



Dennis Beier from Wisconsin, Oct 12, 1999

Favorite Song: Whispering Jesse

On this 2nd Anniversary of Johnís death I think of all the Great music that he blessed us with. I was lucky to be able to see John in concert 6 times. I only wish I could have met him once. When I try to think of my favorite song he sang I have a very hard time with that. I guess it would be the last song that I listened to that day. I am also lucky to have a son that enjoys his music as much as I do. Him and I have song weddings with Johnís music. I miss you John you are a hard act to top in my book


Kathy Harkins from Aurora Colorado, Oct 4, 1999

Favorite Song: For You

I have had the pleasure of attending many of Johnís concerts, the last one at Fiddlers Green in 1996 at the Wild Life Concert. I met him at book signing for his autobiography a few months later. He was so handsome in person. I also had the opportunity to attend his funeral here in Aurora and Aspen. It was a very sad and spiritual experience. I miss you John. I was a fan for 27 years and still am.

Love Kathy

Alison Lara from New Jersey, Sep 29, 1999

Favorite Song: Take Me Home Country Roads

When I was little my dad used to sing this song to me. Later in middle school dug out all my parentsí old records including John Denver. My mother told me that they had Follow Me played at their wedding. When John Denver died I was very sad. I remember going to school and telling people that he had died and many of them didnít know who he was which really saddened me. His music was wonderful and I regret never having the opportunity to see him in concert.

Bob Sunderman from Des Moines, Iowa, Sep 29, 1999

Favorite Song: Sunshine On My Shoulders

Unfortunately I never got to see John live in concert, I have always loved John Denverís music and spirit. Although Sunshine on My Shoulders is my favorite song Rocky Mountain High has to be my second favorite. Actually I like all his music. John and his music have always been an inspiration to me. Like John I have a deep feeling for our environment and our need to try to begin again to live as part of our environment and not dominate it. As a painter and sculpture I listen to his music often. The spirit and understanding of his music I hope comes into my work. At some point I am going to do a series of paintings and sculpture that will be a tribute to John Denverís spirit and inspiration. John will always live on in his music but more importantly in his love of nature and understanding. The insight and spirit should and will live on in all of us. John is still flying high with us.

Erv Tuma from Las Vegas, NV., Sep 23, 1999

Favorite Song: Thank God Iím a Country Boy

Love this personís mind and what he did in life. Iíve been eye to eye with this man but most important I understand his love to be flying in THE SKY.

Roy Jones from Decatur, Illinois, Sep 16, 1999

Favorite Song: This Old Guitar

Hello, I love John Denver. I grew up with him in the house. I saw John in Chicago in 96; it was great. It was also the one-year anniversary of my motherís death. She loved John. She was always saying FAROUT. Just wanted to say thank you for your page. PEACE my friend.

Kate Blain from Oklahoma, Sep 10, 1999

Favorite Song: Wild Flowers In A Mason Jar

Most people except dyed-in-the-wool John Denver fans will recognize this sweet nostalgic tune. It reminds me of home long ago and my granddad. Thatís what Johnís songs mean to me. They are a recollection of my life entwined with his music.

High school days with Sunshine, Take Me Home, Grandmaís Feather Bed, Thank God, and especially Matthew. My husband and I fell in love and shared his songs. Annie was played at our wedding. We celebrated our daughterís birth with The Gift of You. We became conscious of the earth and itís gifts with Calypso, etc.

We have many favorite artists but John Denver will always be number one. Great web-site for Johnís music and videos etc is

Thanks for letting us share.

Johnny Warren from Tye Texas, Jul 4, 1999

Favorite Song: Perhaps Love

Fan since the early 1970's. Was able to attend one concert at Red Rocks in Denver.
HIGHLIGHT Most special memory was an almost skiing experience with him in the mid 80's while staying with Steve Weisburg at Aspen. Would love to visit with anyone close to John D. to find out or confirm my impression that he was a born again Christian.

Pat Sinclair from Canada, June 30, 1999

Favorite Song: Calypso

John Denver is my absolute favourite singer of all time also. I never got to see him in concert but have every album he ever made or I should say had. Sadly the albums and tapes were lost during a move. The world is a better place for having John in it...

Pat Sinclair

Ginny from Kent, CT, June 25, 1999

Favorite Song: This Old Guitar

Dear John,

I met you once for ten minutes. But since I was a young adult your music was the background of my life. I sang your songs while rocking my babies. I went through hard times with your music there to give me hope. Your death was as great a blow to me as any of my own families'.
Thank you for the music.


Evelyn from Pennsylvania, Apr 29, 1999

Favorite Song: Eagles And Horses

I first found John Denver when I was just a little kid 2 or 3. Rocky Mountain High had just come out and the radio played it all the time. I would sing along off key and I knew all the words by heart. My Dad thought it was funny so when the first Greatest Hits album came out he bought me a copy. From then on I was hooked, John Denver became like a best friend to me. His music managed to find words for things I had always wanted to say but was never eloquent enough to express myself.

I will always remember the exact moment I heard that John was gone. It's something that will stay with me like hearing about the space shuttle explosion or my Mom remembering where she was when JFK was shot.

I will also always remember the empty feeling inside when the shock finally wore off and it sank in that he was really gone. It was like a part of me was missing. Like I had forgotten how to feel.

I was fortunate enough to see him in concert four times although I never had the privilege of meeting him face to face. That is something I will always regret, as more than anything I wished for the opportunity to just shake his hand and tell him thank you. For all the joy he brought to my life and for all he's done for the world.

Thank you, John, I miss you.


David Rasmussen from Gordonsville, Tennessee, Apr 23, 1999
Butterfly Hollow Farm - John Denver Celebration

Favorite Song: Poems, Prayers, and Promises

The more time passes the more I find myself missing a person that Iíve never met but one that changed the course of my life forever. Itís such a warm comfort to see and meet so many other folks that have the seeds of John Denver growing within them. He planted eternal life with every song. He lives within us all.


David Rasmussen
Butterfly Hollow Farm

Kelly Robison from Portland, Oregon, Apr 16, 1999

Favorite Song: For You

He Is In My Heart And Living There

Yesterday you were here, but today you are gone.
And, still to this day, no one knows what went wrong!
We are all left to wonder, how can this be true?
For no one loved life as much as you.
I keep hoping maybe it's just a bad dream.
You're not really gone, and things aren't what they seem.
Although we never met, you mean more than the world to me.
Your songs helped me through times of pain and misery.
Your warm friendly smile and your beautiful face is etched in our minds,
but we miss your embrace.
The sun no longer makes us feel happy or blue.
We just want you back, cause we really miss you.
If I could give all that there was left to give.
I would in a minute, if it meant you could live.
I miss you much more than words could ever say.
Oh John, why did you have to leave us this way?
For, we miss the one that cared so much.
The guy with the great big smile.
Praying he wasn't gone for good, and that he'd be back in a while.
Gazing off in sadness and comfortless despair.
Reminding ourselves again once more, that he's gone and it just isn't fair!
by Kelly Robison
copyright March 1999
(a "tribute" poem for the late, great John Denver 1943 - 1997)

Yellowstone Wolf from Ellettsville, Indiana, Mar 27, 1999
Yellowstone Wolfís Den

Favorite Song: My Sweet Lady

John entered my life in my sophomore year, 1969. He touched my heart so deeply that I played his songs ever since. I love and miss him but I also feel him around me when Iím down and lonely.


Lynn Buhlig from Boulder, CO, Mar 26, 1999

Favorite Song: The Wings That Fly Us Home

I have been a HUGE fan of John Denverís since 1974 when Rocky Mountain High came out. He touched me in a way that no other artist ever has, yet I didnít realize the full extent of it until he died.
I had never thought of him dying - he was a constant source of comfort in my life, and although he is no longer on this Earth, he still is. From the life to the light... I continue to be amazed by the number of people who got it the same way I did. I always thought there was only a handful of us who loved him so deeply and cherished the incredible material he had written and recorded that never got on the radio.
But I was wrong. So I welcome all of you. Peace.

Cindy Thompson, Mar 14, 1999

Favorite Song: n/a

I saw John Denver in concert back in '84 and I never personally had the chance to meet him in person like most of his other fans get the chance to do, but I wrote him a 13 page letter in a big yellow size envelope, got down at the concert 2 hours earlier, and met John Denver's personal manager in person, total surprise!

And I asked him if he'd give John this letter when he went back down there to his dressing room, and he said he'd make sure he got it, and he did, sat right there, so he'd see it, and 2 weeks later, he personally wrote me back a letter saying how much I had touched him with my feelings about him, and that he was flattered.

I was so happy and excited from then on. I will always cherish that forever.... Brings tears to my eyes knowing that he's never really coming back; so hard to believe he's really truly gone, I have about 12 of his CD's. And I'm gonna get all of his music if it takes the rest of my life.

John, May you rest in peace baby!!! XXXOOO. Cindy :0)

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