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WMZQFest 2001 at Nissan Pavilion, Mannassas, Virginia
MAY 2001

Murphy and Cash from WMZQ

I managed to get a picture of my two favorite DJ's. I enjoy listening to them as I get ready for work in the morning.

Katy Benko

The first act, a great singer. Too bad they didn't allow more time for each performer.

Links: Katy Benko

Tammy Cochran

Links: Tammy Cochran

Mark Mcguinn

Interesting performer. His first release was a big hit - can't say I can really get into a song about marital infidelity, however. :(

Mark McGuinn

Cyndi Thomson

Wow! I love it when a major new talent shows up. I thought they were kind of rude to her when they cut off her segment of the show early. Great organization has not been a trademark of WMZQFest over the past 3 years. )

Links: Cyndi Thomson

Lila McCann

She was here for the second year in a row. I couldn't believe she wasn't performing on the main stage.

Links: Lila McCann

Pam Tillis

This was my first opportunity to see her in concert. Too bad I couldnt't get close enough to get a decent photograph.

Links: Pam Tillis